knitting socks

Im trying to knit stockings after a resipie, I do have some difficulties understanding the recipe thought and since it is in English I don’t know anybody who can help me except this forum. My shoe size is about 43 so I make the pattern as big as it can be made which should be a 9 1/3 I think that migth be size 41, Can you translate some of the terms in the recipe.
NOTES • These stockings are worked in the
round from the toe up.
Toe: With smaller needles and using
Judy’s magic method, CO 14 (18, 22)
sts—7 (9, 11) sts on each needle. Place
marker (pm) and join in the rnd. Knit 1
rnd. Next rnd K7 (9, 11), pm for sole,
knit to end. Inc rnd [K1, M1L, knit to
1 st before m, M1R, k1] 2 times—4 sts
inc’d. Rep inc rnd every other rnd 6 more
times—42 (46, 50) sts. Foot: Next rnd
P1 (2, 2), k3, p1 (1, 2), [k2, p1] 4 times,
p0 (0, 1), k3, p1 (2, 2), sl m, knit to end.
Rep last rnd 2 more times. Next rnd
P1 (2, 2), pm, [M1L, k1] 2 times, M1R, k1,
pm, p1 (1, 2), pm, [k2, p1] 3 times, k2, pm,
p1 (1, 2), pm, [k1, M1L] 2 times, k1, M1R,
pm, p1 (2, 2), sl m, knit to end—48 (52, 56)
sts: 27 (29, 31) sts for instep, 21 (23, 25)
sts for sole. Next rnd P1 (2, 2), sl m, work
Right Rope chart over 6 sts, sl m, p1 (1, 2),

This is a very nice way to knit socks, toe up on dpns (or your preference for small diameter knitting).
Yes, a woman’s US9.5 is about a EUR40.5 shoe size.
Here’s a video for the cast on. There are several others online for Judy’s magic cast on.

Once you knit the first round you can distribute the stitches on the needles according to the pattern (11sts on each needle for the largest size).
Here’s a video for the M1R, M1L increases (Make one Right, Make one Left) although you’re pattern may define these.

Are there specific terms that you need translated?
There is also a group on Ravelry which is devoted to translating parts of patterns into several languages but if we can help, we’ll be happy to.