Knitting socks with variegated yarn

I am wanting to make socks with a yarn that as you knit it puts in stripes. Now maybe this is a stupid question, but do they make it so if you do a sock from two different balls of yarn will the stripes be close? and if so I had to make a swatch, so naturally now they don’t matter…

Sorry, just don’t want to start something and then have to start over…


Hi, welcome to KH.

If you start both socks at about the same place in the two balls of yarn, at the same color, they should come out fairly close to the same. Doesn’t always work but I kind of like socks that don’t come out identical. Also, knitting 2 at a time would allow you to see how evenly the color changes are occurring.

ty I was afraid of that… so making my swatch in this case messed me up

Not necessarily. The repeats happen fairly often. If you forward ahead to the next matching place you should be okay. The matching balls probably don’t start and stop at the same place in the color scheme anyway.