Knitting socks with size 6 needle

I would love to try knitting socks from thr silk bamboo yarn but it uses a size 6 needles. Has anyone ever made socks with a size 6?

I’ve seen patterns for yarns all the way up to worsted weight. They just use way less stitches. Do you just mean the needle size or the yarn also? I’ve never used bamboo for socks so I don’t know how it is. =)

I use Lion Wool for socks.
It calls for size 8 needles and it works fine with those for hats, but for socks I use size 3 and 4 needles.

I don’t know the reasoning but I’ve read that you go down in size for socks.

You go down in needle size because you want a tightly woven, more comfortable sock.

Personally, and this is a “me thing”, I don’t like walking around all day in a pair of socks made with DK, worsted, or larger yarn.