Knitting socks on DPN: Pattern is longer than round

I am making this sock pattern and am on the Leg section. The first part is a 4-round pattern. I’m finding that I’m not able to repeat the info in brackets wholly in one round. Meaning, I can repeat the items in brackets 3 times, and then on the 4th time, I run out of stitches partway through. Should I just stop, and start the pattern that should be done on the next round? Or should I complete the bracketed stitch pattern, and THEN do the next round?

Thanks so much for the help!

[b]Round 1: [K1 tbl, p2, yo, ssk, k1, k2tog, yo, p2] around.

Rounds 2 & 4: [K1 tbl, p2, k5, p2] around.

Round 3: [K1 tbl, p2, k1, yo, sl1, k2tog, psso, yo, k1, p2] around.[/b]

Let’s see. You’re working on 60sts. The brackets on each round, 1-4, totals 10sts so that for sure should work out on 60sts. I wonder if you’re having trouble with the yarn overs?? That’s a common ‘stitch’ to make an error with. A lot of people think that a yarn over is bringing the yarn around the needle AND then knitting the next stitch. All you do for a yarn over is bring the yarn around the needle and then proceed with the next stitch instruction. Perhaps this is where you’re running into problems?

You might be right. I’m going to try it all again (all 4 rounds) and see if I’m doing the YO wrong. I’m using Knitting for Dummies to get YO instructions. Thanks for the quick reply. I may be back for more help. :slight_smile:

Actually, maybe I am confused. For the first round, Round 1: [K1 tbl, p2, yo, ssk, k1,…], do I do this:

Knit one through back loop
purl 2
keep yarn in the front as if to purl (this is the yarn over?)
slip, slip, knit

In order to make it a yarn over (which increases one stitch), from the purl position with the yarn in front you have to bring the yarn over the right needle and to the back of the work before doing the SSK. This makes a new loop of yarn over the right needle. Does that help?

Yup! Thanks! I’m definitely not doing it right, but should be okay now.