Knitting Socks on Aluminum Needles

Normally, I only knit my socks on hardwood needles. But since I’m moving in two weeks and have a TON of costs in regards to it, I simply can’t afford to toss down even $7 on a pair of needles. So I have this pack of metallic needles, and I’m hesitant.

While these needles are much longer than the hardwood ones, has anyone had problems with knitting socks on metal needles?

For reference, I am using Trekking XXL yarn, which I believe is a wool/nylon mix. Nothing to slippery!

Thanks. :smiley:

I knit on metal circular needles all the time and I prefer them to wood as I have trouble with stitches not wanting to come off wood. I am a metal needle person. :happydance:

In general, I use metal for everything else for the same reasons you mention. I’m using DPNs, instead of circulars however. Think it makes a difference?

I have knitted socks on metal dpns and had no trouble. As long as you don’t try to put too many stitches on each needle you should do all right. You say the needles are long so they should be no problem, unless the length is excessive and in the way. The ones I have used are 7 inch I think and worked fine. I’ve also used some Trekking and it should work all right on the metal. Go for it and don’t bother to get new needles. A knitting project will help you with the stress of moving. :slight_smile:

I LOVE using metal DPNs for my sock knitting because they slide so well. Since you’ve knit socks before I don’t think you’ll have a problem.

Ah, thanks so much! I think these are the 7" variety, and I shouldn’t have more than 24 stitches on each needle (though it’ll be closer to 18-20). I’m making a pair of socks for a man with extraordinary feet, but tiny calves, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

So now I can have my comforting fix. Luckily, I’m not moving [I]far[/I] – only a mile away into a new apartment, but it’s still a pain in my rear.

They’ll feel funny to you at first but you’ll do just fine with them.

i am another who prefers metal DPNs to wooden. I have never had any difficulty, particularly when the sock is established so the stitches are ‘set’.

This is very true. Because of their length and slickness, they felt unwieldy at first.

However! I got gauge on my yarn on first attempt and didn’t even have to drop down any sizes. I usually have to as I tend to knit loosely, but I got it right without any sighing, grumblings or frogging.

Thanks for the tips on this. I really love using the metallic needles. And I don’t even have to worry about breaking them!

I’ve knit with Metel DPNs but I prefer bamboo. :slight_smile: I didn’t have any prob. with the metal tho.

Most everything I do is on 8" nickel. No problems. (8" because I make heavy boot socks with worsted so #4 is dropping down pretty far.)

I didn’t like aluminum because the DPNs I had in that were very sharp and by the time the project was done the needles were very scratched and it was like drawing fingernails across a chalk board.

I only knit my socks with metal needles. But I don’t knit them with long dpns, 6 or 7 inches is my limit.

I actually like the metals myself compared to bamboo for socks. I dont like the way that the yarn “snugs” too much on the wooden ones. And because they are a tad more slippery - I like the more longer needles (not the longest) but give a little more length so the yarn has some room to slide without falling off.
Glad to see it didn’t stop you from knitting! Who knows - by the end of the sock - you’re preferences may completely change!

Me too. I use my Options for everything, including many pairs of socks.