Knitting socks gauge too loose or yarn?

Hi all,

I’ve recently got into knitting socks. I made two pairs using worsted weight yarn and size 6 needles and they turned out fine. So I decided to move onto sock weight yarn and size 1 needles (2.25mm, since i usually have to go 1-2 sizes down because i knit really loose and most patterns/sock yarns uses needles size 1-3).

I have two different sock yarns, the bernat sox and lion brand sock ease. I noticed that the sock ease swatch i made seems a lot looser than the sox swatch that the fabric seems to be too thin and have “holes”, the sox swatch seems fine. The sox yarn does seem a bit thicker than sock ease by touching.
I’m not sure if this difference is from the yarn or somehow i knit more loose with a wool yarn than acrylic.

Now my questions are, should I invest in a pair of even smaller knitting needles so I can knit the lion brand sock ease yarn into socks? Since the needles can be quite expensive. If yes then is it more safe to go with size 00 than 0? The owner at yarn store near where I live mentioned something about continental knitters knit a bit loose in general, has anyone heard of that saying? What sizes does everyone here use to knit socks? I just really don’t like how the swatch is so loose that it seems to be “full of holes”.


Also another question about ribbing. The two pair worsted weight socks I made were great and all but the ribbing just stretched out to non-existing pretty much after wearing them for an hour, and won’t go back tight at all. The same thing happened to a hat I made a few weeks ago too and both are 2x2 ribbings. Anyone knows why and how to fix this?

I knit continental and my gauge is indeed loose, so it may be true.

Usually, once the project is washed and dried ribbing will spring back a bit. If your ribbing gets loose and stays that way, you can use a yarn needle and run some elastic cord through it. Really avid sock knitters have all sorts of good hints and how-tos, and I know some of them will chime in here soon.

I can knit both continental and English and my gauge is tighter in continental so I think it varies.

I usually knit English and I go down a needle size or two as well and I use 0 for socks. However, what size needle you use can vary depending on yarn and pattern. Might be worth it to get both because you may use the 00 at some point with very thin yarn.