Knitting socks, and sock sizes

I think I am getting close to being crazy enough to attempt to knit a pair of socks. I do magic loop knitting – should I try to find sock patterns that use magic loop or does it not matter?

And having looked at a few sock patterns (for example, the latest knit picks catalogue) I notice that most patterns are for women size medium (I’m 5’11" and my feet reflect that fact). Is it difficult to change the sock size? Are there nice sock patterns for the “big footed”? :pout:

And which sock pattern would you suggest for a relatively new knitter (since mid may)?



I use magic loop exclusively for socks - no dpns here! - you will be hard pressed to actually find a pattern written for that method, but any sock pattern is easily done using magic loop. I have done many and can help you out if you run into trouble somewhere along the way.

Sock length is VERY easy to change, simply by knitting more rounds before starting the shaping for the toe. And even foot width isn’t that much of a problem - I have quite wide feet and all sock patterns that I’ve made that are called a woman’s ‘medium’ have fit me fine. I’ve just adjusted the length as needed.

This is a great place to start with knitting socks:

Good luck!!!

I’m using this pattern:

Knitpicks Toe-up Two at Once Sock Pattern

You start at the toe and keep trying it on throughout for a perfect, custom-sized sock. The method is for 2 circs, but I’m doing it Magic Loop on a 40" cable.

What is magic loop knitting? I’ve never heard this term before.

You use one long circ to do small diameter knitting. Amy has a video showing it on this page:

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I did my first sock using Magic Loop from a booklet (that included instructions and patterns) . I will look up the name of the booklet when I get home and post – very good instructions. I believe there is a Yahoo group for magic loop knitting that references the book and also has docs to print out that explain how to convert DPN patterns to magic loop.

I’m one of those crazy people who tried magic loop and then went to DPNS! Not because I didn’t like magic loop, but because I didn’t find it hard to use the DPNS, and I found it easier to follow patterns as written then to try and convert to a different knitting method. Actually, I"m using the book Sensational Knitted Socks, and she inlcudes instructions for DPNs and 2 circs (alas, not magic loop).

I’ll go search for that yahoo group …
here it is!

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I did my first sock using DPNs’s that I made myself from Amy’s video!

The second sock was not completed for the pair.

The second sock is still not finished its on the needles nad its self striping regia sock yarn.

I bought Cat Bohrdi’s socks soar on two circular needles and I want to try doing that when I have some quiet me time to read and knit.

I’m a womens 9/10 and my sister a womens 11/12

My feet fit most of the sock patterns (my heel/ankle area is a little long to pull through some of the tighter cuffs, but my sister with a larger shoe size, doesn’t seem to have this problem).

It’s not too hard to make a few changes, and they don’t usually affect the pattern, if you’re making it with a heel flap you can lengthen that if you wish and then pick up more stitches in the gusset (choosing to decrease down to the original number of stitches in the gusset or leaving some extra to keep the sock wider).

It’s super easy to just keep knitting until they’re the right length - infact most patterns have you knit “until x inch(es) from end” and then have you start the toe decreases.

I’m working on the hedera pattern at ( I love it because the heel flap/gusset area is a lot longer than a lot of sock patterns - you might like to try that one for yourself, it’s a really easy pattern too!