Knitting Socks - A Magical Experience

Well, I finished my first sock last night, and I can’t believe that it actually looks like a sock! And it fits!!! I am so proud of it that I actually brought it to work today (imagine walking through a school with one sock in hand :teehee:).

I used the first pattern from the SKS book along with a printed copy of Silver’s tutorial (thank goodness for those wonderful photos!!!).

I have to say that making socks is [color=red]MAGICAL[/color]!!!

Turning the heel is the COOLEST thing!! (Picking up stitches is not.)

I surprised myself by completing the kitchener stitch with ease. The toe looks amazing!

Since I have some mistakes, I’m going to wait to post a picture until I get the mate completed. I’m going to put the mate (which should have fewer mistakes) in front of the first. :teehee:

Thanks to the wonderful gals in the chatroom on Friday night for helping me get my foot pattern straight (hence where the mistakes lie).

Just wanted to share!!!

Congratulations :happydance:

I am soooo jealous. I fought with my sock yarn and needles all weekend. I must have tried over a dozen times but for some reason it is not coming to me :frowning:

I’m thinking of maybe using a larger yarn so I can see the stitches better. I’d like to think I’m a fairly intellegent person but these socks are making me feel stupid :wall: :wall: :wall:

I can’t wait to see yours!!!

Congrats on your first sock!! :cheering:

Kathy, it helps if you do the first one in a worsted weight and larger needles. :slight_smile:


Keep trying!!

My yarn is very thin. I used the yarn Dancing from KP. Combine that with using DPNs for the first time and the smallest, slickest needles (brand new Options) I’ve ever seen. I’ve never used anything smaller than a US 7, so it was a huge adjustment.

I taught myself to knit last summer, I think of myself as fairly new. I got turned around when I knit this sock (a post for help only resulted in no one figuring out what I had done). BUT, I worked through the problems.

It will click…trust me. You can do it!!! :hug:

:cheering: Congrats! I can’t wait to see a picture…

I am going to use you for inspiration. I started my first sock in November and haven’t finished it. I felt discouraged as I knit and knit and feel like I am not getting anywhere!

I bought some Cherry Tree Hill for my second sock…which I won’t let myself start until I get the first one done!

Ack! I can’t get the hang of the dps! I feel like I am all needles!

Congratulations! I agree with you. Knitting socks is way cool! Turning the heel made me feel like the smartest guy in town. I was shocked when I was finished and anyone would easily recognize that it was a sock–I was afraid it would be totally wonky.

Do you find you step gently when you wear your hand knit socks? I’m noticing that I watch out for ANYTHING that might possibly snag my new socks.

HA!! :teehee:


Been trying for YEARS to learn how, but since discovering this board in the past month have tried yet once again. And voila! No prob now!! I somehow, magically, by osmosis or something, can do it now!

It’s the power of the knitting “force” on these boards! (use the force, Luke!)

Now, to find some sock yarn somewhere and do a real first sock!


Congrats Auburnchick and welcome to Sock knitters anonymous. It becomes an addiction. Every time I turn a heel I am fascinated that it really worked.

I started out using birch dpns and recently purchased KP Options dpns. While I like the options’ points, especially for lacy patterns, I find that they slip during the cast on and maybe the first couple of rows. Therefore, I cast on with my birches and the next couple of rows and then switch to the options.

Do you find you step gently when you wear your hand knit socks? I’m noticing that I watch out for ANYTHING that might possibly snag my new socks.

I won’t know until I get the mate finished (which I cast on yesterday). But I suspect I will treat them like I do new undergarments. :teehee:

welcome to Sock knitters anonymous. It becomes an addiction.

Yes, I can see how. I’ve already got more sock yarn ordered…should be coming any day…

Now if I just had time! Studying and wanting to knit are two very opposing must-do’s!!! :??