Knitting slump

Has anyone else been in a knitting slump? I just got back from spending 2 weeks in Chicago. I packed a whole suitcase of projects to do and finished exactly 1 of them.(I fixed my nephew’s gloves.) I haven’t even looked at knitting since I got back. I should be knitting for my baby-in-progress or finishing some UFO’s. Bleh.
Is there a cure for the knitting blues? :gah:

I’m right there with you. I went to Florida for a week. Saved up projects for the trip. Did a little knitting while I was away, but much less than expected. Wished I hadn’t wasted so much space in the suitcase with yarn. I’ve been back for a week and a half. In that time, I’ve done about 10 inches of the Montego Bay Scarf. I’d normally have a project like that completely finished in a week or so.

Whenever I’ve got the knitting blahs in the past, I’ve usually just gone with it and done something else instead. It’s harder now because my stash has grown so much in the past year.

I read a suggestion on another board that might help: When you get “stuck” on a project, make yourself do a minimum of 10 rows a day on that project. Often 10 rows is enough to get the momentum back and you want to do more. If not, at least you’re making some progress on it.

You could always try a little charity knitting (there’s plenty of things to choose from on KH). It will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling and then you will have the motivation to go back to your own knitting. Give it some thought!

I’ve experienced the same issue. In fact I’m leaving for Vegas and debating over what projects to bring myself. I’ve been getting more and more into finishing my older projects which have been growing in number for a while now. My secret was the excitement over finding an entirely new project and wanting to make sure that I had no other distractions… ufo’s, to keep me from this big new project.

On another hand, my friend is putting together a craft fair to sell homemade goods, I believe for her church and I may have started finishing items to donate and see how much people were willing to pay for my work ^_^;; You could also change your mindset in a way that you can get curious about what will happen next in a pattern or wonder what color pattern will turn out with your projects that have colors… kinda like the mystery of the pattern will motivate you kind of thing if that makes sense.

I’m with ya, too… And it happened right after I promised a baby gift to someone! Ugh, I need to get moving on this.

It sounds like life is a bit overwhelming in general. Rather than have your UFOs or your “should do” list add to that feeling, give yourself permission to “do nothing” for a bit. In fact, setting all your knitting aside for a week or two and not letting yourself knit or plan may be just what you need to spark your interest again.

And if it isn’t, that’s okay too, isn’t it?

Your profile says that knitting is your therapy. Don’t let it become a “have to” for you.:hug:

And, the hormones will ebb and flow… don’t let their fickleness discourage you.

I, too, occasionally find myself in knitting slumps. If you’re in a slump, you might want to find a small, easy project to work on. Sometimes I force myself to pick up my needles and start something simple (like a dishcloth, garter st scarf, etc). Just through the act of knitting, no matter how mundane the project, I end up finding my “knitting mojo” again. :teehee: As soon as I figure out how, I will gladly send some your way! :thumbsup:

If you’v got projects lined up all meant for other people and you find yourself in a knitting slump–knit something for yourself. Even if it’s small like fingerless gloves or something big like a sweater, take time to make yourself something and you’ll feel much better.

Yep, I know what you mean…I get that way too when I’m bored with a project-my solution is to set the boring one aside, and do a small project-dishcloth or hat, or handwarmers-whatever-with some yarn that I absolutely love in some way-like the color, or the yarn itself-preferably both :teehee: and whip that out. In no time, I usually am revved up again.

If knitting is completely uninteresting, though, then I agree-there’s no harm in taking a break and just putting it on the back burner for awhile! I love to sew as well-clothes for my kids and myself, my DH-whomever. I find I switch between feeling like knitting and feeling like sewing. Right now I’m doing much more sewing-but I always go back to knitting too. It’s nice to do something different now and then. A break can do you a world of good, and before you know it, you’ll be :knitting: again :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for all the encouragement.:hug:
I think I will take a bit of a break, as life truly is crazy right now. Aside from me being pregnant, my sister is due with her baby in about a week and my brothers are coming home from Iraq in a month. (They’re Marines.)
Maybe I’ll restart in May when things have calmed down a bit and start something new, like baby washcloths or booties. :happydance:

Here’s what I did … I made a list of all the other projects I should be working on. The list included everything from cross-stitch to fixing things around the house. Having a list of other UFO’s to work on has brought me back to my knitting. Of course, now I feel bad when I knit b/c I should be cross-stitching…

Hi, I understand what you mean about a knitting slump, I have been in one for about a month (:oops:). I just did not feel like knitting anything, I tried, I started to knit a hankerchief for the girls to wear in their hair but even the most simple of instructions made me want to scream. So I started knitting for two local hospitals and it has definatly helped!

It was a suggestion here on this thread to got me to thinking about how to get out of my slump, (thanks The.Knitter!) and at first I thought that it would not work but it did! When you do start knitting again, Grandma’s favorite washcloth made a little smaller (stop increasing when you have reached maybe 4 inches then start decreasing) is a quick knit to replace kitchen sponges. (I found the large ones were too large and flipped soap/water on me when I used them!)

Good luck!