Knitting slump

I’m in a serious rut - a knititng rut that I can’t seem to get out of. I have no inspiration to knit. Nothing interests me really - I have some projects to finish and I just can’t seem to get them done! I take out the yarn and the needles and they stay where they are until I put them away. I need inspiration, a small project, new yarn, a fun project or a break. I’m not sure. I haven’t done anything since the sockintine swap.




It’s okay to take a break. I didn’t knit the whole month of August, but by Sept I was ready to go again. :heart:

I know what you mean. If I can suggest some of the types of project that inspire me, I’ll say the Backyard Leaves scarf, Eunny’s Endpaper Mitts (free easy colourwork - my first stranded colourwork ever and were easy, fast, and turned out great), Knitty’s Fetching mitts, or something lace, or on large needles to knit up fast. Can you tell I have a weakness for hand accessories?

They’re fast - and can be simple but lovely if you use something with interesting colour changes, like Noro.

How about splashing out on a single ball of something luxurious and beautiful? Swatching may inspire you - or you could spend the money on a massage and facial…


Thanks Jan and Sarah - it’s good when someone understands what you’re going through! I might take a break and come back out with something small/ something that’s a quick knit.

Thanks girls :muah:

It’s happened to me too. I once did not knit for two weeks. Then I was ready to pick up the needles again. I am that way with most of my hobbies. I think it’s healthy to take a break when you need one. :happydance: