Knitting Slump

Uggg…I’m in a horrible knitting slump. Have you ever had alot going on and its just hard to concentrate on knitting? Lately when I knit, I think about everything else and it makes me not like knitting so much. I need to relax and just knit, withOUT thinking about everything else. Maybe I should do what my mom does and pencil in some time to worry about things so I only worry and stress at that scheduled time.

I frogged my placemat I was working on…I didn’t measure right and it ended up HUGE. Plus, with solid color yarn, it just looked kind of boring. I just balled up the yarn and it’s sitting. I imagine I will just make potholders and dishcloths with the yarn I got for the placemats.

I need to get started on the Elmo purse for my neice (provided I can find Elmo fabric) really soon…but I don’t really have the funds yet to get the supplies. So I looked at the yarn I have trying to figure out a project. I have 2 skeins of Caron Wintuk…white and light purple. I might use that to make a scarf or hat for my neice. I should figure out how to do fringe now come to think of it…

Whatever project I do next, I want it to be a simple one…where I don’t have to do any math or anything! I just want to knit and think about nothing else than knitting.

Do you guys get in slumps too? And how do you snap out of it?

I’ve never gotten in a knitting slump. I love it too much. But I do go into graphic slumps, and am currently in a soapmaking slump. Heh.

Try knitting while watching something you really enjoy on TV. It might help keep your mind off things stressing you out. ((((hugs))))

Well, having just started not too long ago. I haven’t gotten into a “slump” yet. but as far as other types of slumps, yes, I have, and for me they aren’t too difficult to get out of. I usually just go do something else that I find fun, and forget about the other item for a while.

JW, I know what you mean. Sooo many things happening…I’m exhausted. I haven’t been knitting or posting. It must be the time of year. ***Maggie slaps a smile on and keeps on going.*** :smiley:

Knitting is what I do when Im in an “everything ELSE” slump! :shifty:

I don’t know that I have been knitting long enough to be in a slump. I only get an hour or so with my husband after the kids go to bed and he usually spends it watching TV. I am NOT a TV person. Now I knit while we watch TV together. My hands are busy doing things yet I am able to keep up a conversation and watch at least enough of the program to be able to respond appropriate! I am happy…My hubby is happy.

My only problem is that what I though would be a cheap hobby, I am learning is anything but!

Jive, I get this way too. Sounds like you’re onto the right solution. Just work on some EASY mindless projects, that’s the ticket! :thumbsup: Sometimes a challenging project is fun, but times like this it’s overload because your brain is challenged enough! It needs a break! Do some mindless knitting. Find an easy project as fast as you can! That scarf sounds perfect. Or a duplicate of a project you’ve made already and enjoyed. Maybe a booga bag?

Also, don’t let the “pressure to create for others” get to you, that can be part of the block. Let it be okay if you don’t make those things for others. Don’t feel like you ever have to knit gifts, even if you’ve said you would. Rebel completely and ditch the projects if you need to! The priority is your enjoyment, not the gift. that’s SOOO important, in my opinion. :wink:

Enjoy your easy project! :cheering: