Knitting slipper loafers

Hello. I am attempting a pattern that is for slippers that look like loafers. I did knit the sole of the first slipper and the pattern is asking me to:

Beginning with center of heel (the cast-on edge) and using MC pick up and knit 2 sts from heel, 36 sts from edge of sole and 4 sts from toe ending at center of toe (42 sts on 1st circ needle).
Cont with second circ needle OR pull a loop out for magic loop, pick up and knit 4 sts from remaining half of toe, 36 sts along remaining side, 2 sts at heel, ending at center heel (42 sts on 2nd circ needle). The beginning of the round is at the center heel. Loafer uppers are worked in the round on two circ needles or using magic loop with loops pulled out at beg of round and center toe.

Is there a video or clear tutorial to help me learn how to do this? I’m quite confused as to why I need two sets of circular needles. Could I not use one? Thanks so much.

You could use one circular needle if it’s the right length for the number of stitches that you have. The reason that they recommend two circulars is that you can then accommodate an increasing or decreasing number of sts in the round. Magic loop will allow this as well.

Thank you! I have a long enough circular needle! I’ll give it a shot. Thank you!