Knitting size for 30 month old from 6-12 month old pattern


I am working on a knitting pattern for 6-12 months old. I need to knit the same for a 30-month-old. How can I work out the knitting size from 6-12 months old pattern that I have?


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If you’re making a simple sweater or other fitted garment you could try going up to a heavier yarn weight and see if that works.
In general, it’s not so easy to alter the pattern without a major rewrite. You might be better off looking for a new pattern in the larger size.

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Hi Salmonmac,

Thank you for your reply. It’s very helpful. I will look for another knitting pattern in the right size to avoid confusion.


Try looking for a pattern on Ravelry. The search box has filters for finding exactly what you need. Age, knitting or crochet, yarn type and weight, needle size.