Knitting Siggie Tag

I belong to delphi forums, which is free to everyone and have their artists make cute signature tags for me. Just wanted to share with you my latest one and it is also available to you all, as well. SunnyD, at Sig Party made this for me…all you do is set up a free account at Delphi, go to Sig Party, Select the artist SunnyD and request this tag with your name! Here’s mine!

so cute!!! I had wondered where they came from… thanks!

Those are really cute, but a little large. We would like to have you keep your entire signature at about 200 pixels high. This includes any text. :hug::hug::hug:

Thanks Jan…I really did resize it…don’t know why it’s still so big…sorry! I thought that things automatically resized on the BB like our FO’s we post, but evidently not.

It’s little now except for the kitty one. Sigs don’t automatically resize unfortunately. Anytime anyone wants something resized I can help them out, too. I’m pretty good with Paint Shop Pro now. :wink: