Knitting short rows

I am about to try my first attempt at increasing the front of a sweater using short rows. My question is: after knitting several rows of short rows aacross the sweater do you end up with the same number of sts that you started with? I have been reading Mag’s 'Donna ’ pattern and am confused about the direction "after doing the wrapped sts the instructions say “work all the way to your wrapped sts, picking up wsts along with regular sts and knitting as 1 st” does this mean you k2tog Help!

Making short rows does not change your stitch count. Here is a great article explaining short rows and giving hands on examples and samples you can try. It will also explain the part you were confused about - working back and picking up the wraps.

Good luck, and ask back if you have more questions.


thank you so much knittingqueen. I think I will just have to cast on and go thanks again Ellie