Knitting short rows

I’m working on a kite shaped scarf that uses wrap and turn short rows where the wraps are left in place to create a decorative touch. The pattern states to NOT include the previously wrapped stitch in the count before turning the work. In which count should I not include the wrapped stitch? Is it six stitches between each wrap and turn?

Here’s that section of the pattern:
(WS) Row 1: Wyif sl1, K2, p to 6 sts before end (subsequent rows 6 sts before last wrapped st, not including wrapped st in your count), W&T.

Thank you for any insight you can give.

What pattern are you using? A link to it would be helpful
As I read it when you have 6 sts before the last w&t you will wrap the next stitch leaving 5 sts between wrapped sts. I should tell you I often figure these things out when I come to them by doing precisely as instructed and I didn’t try this just now. I’d count how many sts were left after the first w&t to the end of the row. I think the count should remain constant.

There are five stitches after the wrap and turn on the first one I did. So the wrapped stitch is the sixth stitch. So would I ignore the wrapped stitch in counting stitches before each subsequent wrap? Since I’m increasing each time a wrap and turn is created, it gets a little confusing.