Knitting short rows on circ's?

I am new to this, and making some wool pants for my son. Not using a pattern. I need to add some short rows in the “bum” of the pants to make room for his cloth diaper. Can I do this leaving it on the circular needles, or should I switch to DPN’s?
This is the first project I have done on circs, I usually stick with DPN’s.
Also my first time doing short rows, and I want to do them with the wrap.

Please help?! :wink:

You don’t have to change needles. It will work out right on the circular you are now using.

Do I need to turn the work inside out to purl? Sorry for sounding so dumb, my brain is just not picturing what I have to do properly.

I’d slip a stitch, wrap it, then knit across…then slip a stitch and purl back, turing the work to the wrong side? As if I am on straight needles? Leaving the other stitches sitting there until I am ready to knit in the round again??

You don’t have to flip it inside out, just turn it around so the purl side is facing you, just like on straight needles. Ignore the other sts, they won’t be in the way.

Thanks so much for your help!

Now if you wouldn’t mind wishing me luck! haha.

Sure. What kind of luck do you want…? :teehee:

The kind that assures me I don’t mess up, get frustrated and frog the whole project?! Do you have that kind of luck?

Or how about the kind that does all of the above, but also comes with coffee and chocolate, and gets my 19 month old to nap so I can enjoy it all without inturruption?! :happydance:

Dang, fresh out of the latter, but can come up with luck for smooth knitting with little mistakes…