Knitting Screensavers

Apparently my Google-Fu isn’t so strong anymore, cause I can’t find a single Knitting Screensaver that isn’t a dead link.

Does anyone happen to have one they’d be willing to share.

I even went to the Lion Brand website and they no longer have theirs either.

I anyone has one they’d be willing to e-mail, I’d greatly appreciate it! (You know what part to cut out of that address, I imagine :smiley: ).

HeartStrings has one. has some cool ones in their Freebies.

Thanks for the responses!

The Heartstrings one isn’t quite what I’m looking for, but it is pretty.

I checked out the Knitpicks link and only found nifty wallpapers. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong area or they moved it?

The quest continues…lol!

Sorry… Yeah I was thinking wall papers. LOL

Why don’t you make one?
It’s really easy. Just make a new folder in Pictures, and save all the knitting pictures you want in there. Then right click on desktop, and hit properties. Go to screen saver, and hit slide show, and there will be something on the properties menu that says settings or something. Click that and redirect it from pictures, to the folder you just made. :smiley:

I have the My Pictures screensaver set up already, but I get so attached to SO many wonderful knitting images that my poor laptop is getting swamped in them lol (I have an older laptop and space is limited. We won’t even mention the amount used up by pattern .pdfs hehe)!

I was hoping a pre-packaged screensaver would help curb the urge to collect every tasty image I could.

Ah well, one must make do. I did love the wallpapers at Knitpicks though :smiley:

LOL on my laptop I just have a wall paper, and a sleep setting. LOL I think I am about to crash my parent’s computer with all my pdfs… I don’t think I am going to tell them how much space I used up until I have them put on my Flashdrive. LOL