Knitting schematics

I’m embarking on my first sweater. I was wondering if there is standard on drawing them? Sometimes, they do not state if it is to be made flat or in the round. I know that they can be both but is there a default and if so, it is round or flat?
Thanks for your help. This is most helpful since I do not have a knitting group or store close by.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking. Are you wanting to design your own sweater or do a schematic to go with a pattern that doesn’t have one? Maybe something from this search will help.

Schematics seem to be just as individual as designers. Sometimes they indicate the measurements given are in the round (chest and sleeve width) and sometimes they just give the flat measurements regardless of the way the sweater is knit.
Read everything before and after the actual pattern details. Often the designer will give an overview or the finishing details give hints of construction. Ravelry comments and the tags that are on the details page can be very helpful too.
What is the name of the pattern you are considering?

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Thanks for your reply. I’m not creating one but am trying to knit one. I was wondering if the lines are drawn straight are to the be used by knitting flat or if circular, then circular needles are are used.

I only think kf the schematic as a drawing to show sizes and measurements. I never think of it as being one waynor another based on how the piece is contpstructed.

Not all patterns say if they are knit flat or in the round in an overview (I prefer when they DO say this) but the pattern should say somewhere later on if it’s flat or joined in the round.
Some patterns use circular needles but are knitted flat.
The pattern instructions usually say “row 1” for flat and “round 1” for in the round knitting.

Thank you for your help. This clarification helps me understand and actually examine patterns. Im also working on creating spreadsheets for the rows so that I can know how to knit each row. Thanks again!

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Is there a particular pattern you are thinking of making?

Maybe we could help you get started?