Knitting scarves on circs

is it worth it? i’m getting ready to start a few christmas present scarves and am curious if using circulars is faster. any thoughts? thanks!

I use circular needles for almost everything.
I find them easier to handle and more secure when transporting my work from place to place, which I do very often.

You can get a double thick scarf by knitting it in the round on the circs, but you can just knit back and forth on circular needles and get the same product as if you were on straights.

What kind of scarf are you making?

I gave away all my straight needles a few years ago - everything I do is on circulars…

I only use circs too. Straights are too long and get in the way and you don’t drop stitches because you can push the work back on the cord away from the ends when you put it down or in a bag to take along.


i thought it might be easier to transport which is good, because we’re leaving for vacation soon. :slight_smile:

i’m going to knit my so called scarfwith some gorgeous apple green manos del uruguay. can’t wait!

I forgot to address your specific question: “are they faster?” I would have to say “not necessarily”. I would bet that I might knit a bit faster on them simply because I am more comfortable with them.

If you are one of those people who knit on long straight needles with the end of the right one tucked under your arm you will probably be faster doing that than switching to circulars now.

I find the most important factor in the speed of my knitting is the type of yarn I’m using and how it behaves on the type of needle I’m using. Right now I’m knitting a merino/alpaca/viscose blend on Addi Turbos and I seem to be knitting faster than ever. But when I pick up the shawl I’m doing in possum laceweight on lace needles by Addi, it goes very slowly.

Also, I live in a very wet place, and sometimes cotton yarns on bamboo get so sticky! I think both the cotton and the bamboo absorb moisture from the air and get a little bigger and/or less smooth.

i just got some addi turbos and am very excited to use them. i agree about the bamboo; with the high humidity right now, they seem to stick. yuck!

Do you mean you want to knit the scarves in the round on a circular needle, or just knit flat on the circular? In either case, it’s faster and easier than knitting on straights.

Me too. I’d have to search for my straights now.