Knitting ruffels

I’m finishing off a afghan and I want to make the border a ruffell in a k3p3 or k4p4 ribbing I have 190 stitches Am I suppose to increase or what HELP

Yes, you definitely need to increase. Bigtime.

Like okay, your first row is k3, p3.

next row, do increase in each first and third of the original k3; then increase in each of the first and third of the original p3. This gives you a k5, p5. I’d likely knit/purl the next row with no increases.

Then I’d increase in the first, third and 5th stitches of your k5. Same for the p5, making it k8, p8.

And so on. This gives you the ruffled effect. You can sort of gauge how often/how many increases to make by how full you want your ruffles to be.

Tons of yarn, tons of increases, tons of stitches - but the end product of ruffles is worth it.

Ruffles is real purdy things!

Thank you for your help I’m not sure I have enough yard for all that

This probably isn’t what your looking for but i have the knitting flowers book and for one of the flowers you took the needle (straight needle) and twisted it 360 degrees and it created a small discrete ruffle. I really liked it. I think i did it every three stitches but i could be wrong.

One thing that looks rather nice on an afghan, IMO, is to use a separated color for the final outer edge. Like I made a yellow afghan, and used a dark brown around the outer part of the edge - looked really nice.

Just be sure you have enough of the next color for all those lovely ruffles. :wink:


PS - If you crochet, you could also do a seashell-type edge. Kinda lacy and not so yarn-intensive.