Knitting rs and ws

Hey all I’m quite new to knitting and I’m currently working on pattern.

Anyway I’m stuck…I’m sure this won’t be my only question.

It asks me to

Shape front neck border
Row1: (right side of work), knit
Row2: (wrong side of work) k8 sts, p27 sts, k44 sts, p27 stitches, k8 sts*

So I understand which is the right and wrong side after having a look on google but what I can’t work out is how I actually knit on the wrong side and then knit on the right side.

Can someone explain in very easy langue lol

Thanks in advance :knitting:

When you knit on the RS and then knit on the WS you form a pattern called garter stitch. Here’s a video that will show you what it looks like. Good luck with the pattern!

The pattern is just giving you information that row 1 and the odd rows are the RS, and that row 2 and the even rows are the WS. You knit the sts the same. The sts that are knit on both sides will form garter sts, the sts that are knit on the RS and purled on the WS will form stockinette stitch.

Brilliant thank you I was reading too much into it and thought it was harder then I thought. Thanks I can get going again now although I know there’s anoth bit I will be stuck on so I will def be back with more questions lol thanks ladies x