Knitting row gauge - help

I’m trying to figure out how to adjust row gauge. I’m knitting a sweater and have the stitches per inch fine, just can’t get my rows per inch correct. :?? If I change needles, then my stitches per inch are off. :shrug: I have less rows per inch then the pattern calls for, so I’ve had to cut out several repeats of the pattern stitch - which doesn’t look bad and no one but myself will know, but I want to know if there is a way to fix rows per inch and get that gauge correct.


Most people don’t get both row and stitch gauge right, it’s more important to go with the stitch gauge. Patterns usually give the length in inches not rows, so you can just knit to the measurement given. Even if it does say something like ‘knit 42 rows’ you can figure what that is in inches for the pattern gauge, then convert that to your row gauge.