Knitting Rings

Has anyone ever tried using these knitting rings/circles? The rings with pegs in them that allows a person to knit/weave together yarn without using needles…

I’m considering trying them out to make an afghan for a Christmas gift and have no idea how well they work, etc.

I have never used them, but Ive seen a BUTTLOAD of them at Michaels lately…

And, your post just brought back a memory of doing some kind of “finger knitting” at camp…does anyone have a more specific idea of what i might be remembering? I remember weaving the yarn in between my fingers… :??

Well we have a set at our house plus my wife’s crochet stuff my knitting needles… and to boot we have a knitting machine too.

I’ mostly asking because the scarf for my father’s gift is taking me longer to do than I was hoping… not had the time to work on it, and I’m trying to think of ways to cut time for the afghan down.

I have no clue as to how they work, but like KK, I’ve see :shock: them EVERYWHERE!! But no not what to do, not do I know the name of it to google for directions … :frowning: so sorry

I have been seeing them too and wondered about them…

I think they are Knitting looms… :thinking:

I found this website:

it gives some instructions on how to use them :smiley:

I found this site that has an instructional video for the ‘knitfty knitter’ that you get @ Michaels. Hope it helps :thumbsup:

OK those instructions make no sense to me :?? But finger knitting is described in Melanie Falick’s Kids Knitting book. It’s basically making loops and pulling yarn over them. Its just a way of getting you used to the idea making loops before you actually start knitting.

OOOoooOOOo lookit what I found!!

i remeber finger knitting!!!
Doesn’t Amy have a video for loom knitting? i thought i saw one once!

I remember spool knitting as a kid. It basically made an i-cord. We had lots of fun making loooooooong snakes of knitting and not doing anything with them beyond that! :lol:

my bad it was something eles!

KK, you can find finger knitting at It even has pictures!

I remember when I was little, we had a bunch of those for a pot-holder loom that I used to wind around my fingers and make these long strings. That may have been finger knitting?

Ok… well that pretty much convinces me… I’m gonna have to try this and see how it goes… I figure once I get it started I’ll post pics, etc in my blog. May be a little bit before it gets going…

There’s some waldorf knitting thing that teaches that…bet if you google it you could find it.

I have a Knifty Knitter set. my coworkers taught me about it when they were making chemo caps. mom bought it for me last year. I like it and have made quite a few hats to match scarves, tho I’m ready to try knitting hats now.
I taught Dyl how to make a hat on one, he had fun.
my best childhood friend bought a set to make hats. hopefully next time she visits, I can teach her how to make a tubular scarf on it. she has no desire to pick up needles. not yet at least. I bought her a Knit Knack kit and will buy her some yarn to practice on.

I looked at the rings we have last night. Actually it’s my oldest daughter’s but she isnt using it…

It’s the Knifty Knitter too.

That is pretty neat. My kids have been asking me to teach them to knit but they are just not ready. I think they might be actually able to do that! I may pick one up at Micheals with my next coupon and try it out!

I wanted to take a moment and do a follow-up on this thread.

Long story short… i did some reading and examing of the rings for using them for knitting… I decided to skip them altogether and just use the needles.

I did get some for my kids. They are super easy to use. Even my 4 yo is making a hat. That said, I don’t like them for me. I would much rather knit…but if you have kids that are too little to have the fine motor skills necessary to knit, but is really wanting to try. this may be an answer.