Knitting-related fiction

On my last library trip I spotted “A Good Yarn” by Debbie Macomber. I usually don’t read “girly” stuff (I prefer suspense thrillers) but I was curious to see a fiction book about knitting. It was actually good. It showed how knitting can be used to cope with life’s different stresses and it also illustrated how knitting can be bring people from different backgrounds together to form friendships. Has anyone else encounter similar books?

Oops, I meant “encountered” :doh:

I’ve seen a few advertised & definitely plan to check them out. I just haven’t had a lot of extra time lately.

I’ve read most of the knitting mysteries/books and I recommend them. They are a fun read. :wink:

D.M. has 2 knitting books out now - both revolving around the same yarn shop - and they’re both really good. There’s also a murder mystery series that starts with the book “Knit one, kill two.” I love murdery mysteries and, I must say, I was rather disappointed in it. I figured it out within just a few chapters. BUT that is the book that finally spurred me to achieve my year-long goal of learning to knit so it can’t be all bad. :slight_smile:

I’m reading Died in the Wool by Mary Kruger (a gift from Friskums, my yarn swap pal!) and it’s pretty good. I swear, reading some of the discussions about yarn, knitting, etc. is like reading a post on KH!

Here’s part of the opening paragraph:

Later, Ariadne would be appalled that her first reaction at seeing Edith Perry’s body sprawled on the floor of her shop, a tangle of yarn around her throat, was that Edith had finally chosen a good yarn. She would be horrified that she had wished the yarn wasn’t one of her favorites.

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Hilarious! :roflhard:

I have always been a mystery reader… anything & everything… when I was younger & did all the cooking… I was into food mysteries… now… its knitting mysteries… I have all of the books I can find… About 5 different authors… I figure most of them out early… but love the way they work the yarn & needles into the story…

I just finished checking calender for the next one due…


I love books on tape… but still prefer to read… have to find a way to read & knit… I’m working on it… but need a 3rd arm…

I haven’t read any of them, but I’ll look at the library–fortunately about 1/4 mile down the road!! I love mysteries, but more the Paricia Cornwell, John Sanford, Jonathon Kellerman, Stephen King, even Dean Koontz–but since I started knitting , my reading has been SO neglected.

I just finished reading THE OUTER BANKS, by Ann Rivers Siddons (or something like that!!) I did enjoy it–cause we spend so much time in the summer at Nag’s Head.

I HAVE , however, enjoyed reading the Summer Fun fiction tale ( in the General Knitting Forum) right here at good ol’ KH! :roflhard:

Oh, Trudy, I’d die without my cheesy mysteries! I read in one every night before bed. Sometimes I only get 3 pages read before I zonk out, but at least it’s something! I can’t read the Patricia Cornwell stuff before bed, though…far far too creepy and disturbing! :help: I love English cozies–they’re by far my favorites. This Mary Kruger novel is the first knitting mystery I’ve read. (Unless I were to count Miss Silver and Miss Marple, though they really just knit while solving mysteries… :rofling: )

The book “a good yarn” is actually her second knitting book. The first is about how the store owner, a cancer survivor, used the money her dad left her to open a yarn store. There’s a whole other set of first-time knitters that get to know each other in that book.
I think the neatest thing about those books (I think the first is titled “The shop on Blossom Street” but I’m not sure) is that many of the chapters either begin with a quote about knitting or a resource that is real life (internet page, pattern directions, etc.). I was impressed that it was that real-life.
This may be an embarassing admission, but those books were the reason I decided to learn to knit. Now I just wish I lived somewhere big enough to have a yarn store where I could go in with what’s on my needles and my problem and say “Help!” I don’t know anyone in my town that knits, so I am learning from a book and reading the advice on this site.

There’s only one LYS within reasonable driving distance from me (25 minutes!) and I don’t really like it. It’s hard to explain the vibe–they’re not rude by any means, but they’re not really friendly, either. There is one really nice woman who works there, but I’ve only seen her there twice. The LYS I love is about 45 minutes away. The owner is wonderful and very helpful. I just can’t drive that far. So I understand exactly what you mean about not being able to run in and say “help!”, and not being able to be part of a real-life community of knitters.

Angelia, do you know other knitters who live near you? You could start your own knitting group and can set up days to meet in a coffee shop or library or something. Then you can run to them and say “help!”

There is a group that meets at one of the local bookstores. The time they meet isn’t so good for me, but I’m sure there are others. And you’re right; I could start my own group!

Has anyone read Knitting by Anne Bartlett?[/b]

Knit One, Kill Two and Needled to Death by Maggie Sefton are great knitting mysteries. They’re actually based on a real yarn store in Ft. Collins, Colorado. I actually met the author on a trip to Denver and got to go to the store- Lambspun of Colorado- and spent way too much money!! It was my first exposure to a LYS rather than Michaels. Now, I have three LYS in driving distance, when I used to have one, and I’m in heaven.

I didn’t know that was a real store. I read the first book, haven’t gotten to the second yet. It made me wish there were a place like that here, where I could go in and knit with a group of friends.