Knitting related (crochet) question knit 1 mag vol2

I posted this at livejournal too but figured maybe one of you could help me with my problem…

Ok, this is in reference to a knitting magazine…Knit 1 to be exact. But if any of you have read the first two issues, ESPECIALLY the last one, You may have noticed they like crochet too. So this happens to be a crochet question from a knitting magazine. I can’t find a place where this has been answered so PLEASE help me if you can (if you know how to crochet and have Knit 1 Mag Vol 2). I’m crocheting the Bikini. So I’m on the bottom and I think there are some typos…

It reads “Row 28 Dc in first dc, sc in each dc across to last dc, 2 dc in last dc-9 dc. Ch 3, turn. … Rows 31-43 Work as for 28-37 dc after row 43 is completed.”

What I have italicized is not really italicized in the pattern. What I have italicized is what’s confusing me. Why would they put ‘sc’ and then at the end tell you that you’re left with 9 dc? And then Why would they leave out row 30? They totally skipped it. Plus I started to do the rest of the pattern for the bottom of the bikini and it says that on row 43 you should have 27 dc, Well I had 27 on row 38. I must have done something wrong or they counted wrong because When I started doing that part of the pattern it was perfect. Everything was coming out just right.

Can someone gimme some pointers? Pweeze!?

i pretty much figured out the problem to this was that i misread and also they call row 30, ‘31’…thus making me feel as if they left out row 30…but the only question now is the sc/dc question…do they mean to keep dc-ing or start sc-ing