Knitting related art theft?

In reading an MSN news article about Munch’s “Scream” being recovered from art thieves, I read this:
"In Scotland in 2003, two men overpowered a tour guide and stole Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Madonna of the Yarnwinder,” worth an estimated $65 million. "

…I hope they catch the demons and punish them harshly!!! :!!!:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

ok… i just googled it and it has nothing to do with yarn or knitting so… if u wannna see it here’s the link :

but it is kind of odd and rude!

what is the baby holding? Is that some kind of yarn winder or spindle maybe?

i think it’s a drop spindle i think :?? :?? :shrug: :shrug:

You know… to me it looks like a NiddyNoddy for winding spun yarn into hanks…

If it is a niddyknoddy, that would explain the name of the painting then. Maybe?