Knitting Reference in my favorite online comic!

You may have to have experience playing D&D or other role playing games to truly appreciate anything other than the knitting reference, but:

Order of the Stick Guest Comic Strip

See a frost bow would be a better choice than a vorpel sword, what with the 1d6 frost damage to ice the ichy nerve…

Sorry, did I just give away too much about myself?

…and his vorpel blade went snicker-snack.

Oh my…have I opened up a whole can of purple worms here?

heh, a nodachi would be better for damage though at a 1d12 damage roll.

That’s true. I guess it just gets down to whether you like ranged or melee attacks. I myself prefer ranged attacks. Combine your ranged attack with the rapid reload feat and point blank shot and you can get 2d6+6 damage with that frost bow…sorry, I’m still really attached to the last AE character I played (I was a faen hawk totem warrior).

purple worms…purple worms :roflhard:

:lol: you guys crack me up -

checks Dragon Master’s guide for advice

wait, which version are you playing!?!??!?!


LOL That comic is just sooooo wrong… There are so many goofy references in that thing…

You got the D&D thing,
The knitting reference,
and for those of you old enough to remember,
you also have the Three’s Company reference.

Well, now that some of you have revealed one of your OTHER hobbies, you might want to start at strip #1…it’s REALLY funny! The one I linked to above is a guest comic, as the regular artist is at a convention.