Knitting question

I am knitting Odele sweater from Berroco. I am on the back section Shape Shoulders: Last step reads: end on WS-78 sts. Mark center 56 sts on last row.
the next step is
Shape Neck: Bind off 3 sts, knit to marker, sl 8 sts just worked onto holder for right side; bind off 56 sts, dropping markers, knit to end-22 sts.
ok so My questions are this: if I have 78 stitches how can 56 sts be center? Can someone explain what I’m supposed to do. This is my first fitted garment. Also, do I count from left to right or right to left? Then can you run through what it is telling me to do for the Neck Shaping?
Thank you very much for any help.

You want to mark the “center 56sts” for the neck. Starting with 78sts that means there are 11-56-11sts with the markers at the hyphens.
With the RS (public side) facing, count from the point of the left needle from right to left, the direction in which you knit.
Place the markers as indicated above and bind off 3sts. Knit to the first marker then place the 8sts on the right hand needle on a stitch holder (a holder or scrap yarn). Bind off 56sts. You’ll have to drop the second marker in order to bind off that 56th stitch but that’s ok.

The stitch count (22sts) is incorrect. Because you’ve bound off 3sts at the beginning of the row, there should only be 19sts (11sts on the needle and 8 on the holder).

Did you also see the errata, here:
It may have already been corrected in the version you have.

Salmonmac you have done it again!!
Thank you so so much for clearly explaining what I was reading. Now that you’ve explained what I need to do I can visualize it…YEA!
And as for the errata…no I had not checked and would have made a huge mistake…I had forgotten the 1st rule…Check for errata!
Thank you again and have an amazing weekend!