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I am knitting a scarf and there are instructions that I do not understand.
round 1 had me k1, 2 yo, k1
round 2 is asking me to k1, let yo slide off the needle, sl1p wyib, pulling st up. What does pulling st up?

[QUOTE=speed1;1385701]I am knitting a scarf and there are instructions that I do not understand.
round 1 had me k1, 2 yo, k1
round 2 is asking me to k1, let yo slide off the needle, sl1p wyib, pulling st up. What does pulling st up?
I have never heard of pulling stitch up. Please help

Hi and welcome!
When you drop the double yo on round 2 you’ll find that there is extra yarn in the slip stitch which is from the double yarn over. Pull up on that slipped stitch a bit (don’t pull it tightly) to take up the slack yarn. I think by the time you’ve finished the row or even the next few rows, you’ll see the effect of the pulled stitch. Do you have a pattern link or pattern name? It would be fun for us to see what the pattern looks like.

Hi! I am a beginner and I thought I chose something rather easy. I think I was wrong. I might even be knitting the same scarf as member speed1. Anyway, after knitting the 6th row: K1, 2 yo, K1 then repeat… I am now at the 7th row and the instructions read: K1, let yo slide off the needle, sl1p wyib, pulling st up. I understand the instructions, but when I drop the yo and sl 1p wyib, I’m at the yo stitches again but I’m supposed to knit 1. How can I knit one if I have the two yarn overs as the next stitches? I am so frustrated!
best regards from norther germany

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Hmm, it might be that you knit into the next yarn over (it’s essentially one big yarn over), creating a hole or large eyelet. Can you give us a link to the pattern or a pattern name? Even if we can only see a photo of the scarf, it may help.

Hi! Thanks for the quick reply. here’s the link to the pdf. Thanks so very much!!!

k1, drop yo’s, slip foll st pwise with yarn
behind the work and pull st long, rep from * cont.

You need to drop both yo’s.

When you do the repeat in round 6, you’ll have
[U]k1, drop 2 yo’s[/U], [U]slip st[/U], k1,drop yo’s, slip st, etc.
On round 7, knit 1 into the knit stitch, slip the slip stitch, knit into the next knit stitch, slip the next st.
Since both yarn overs were dropped in round 6 you start round 7 with knit st-slipped st-knit st-slip st etc., no yo’s to work into. You’re working rounds on this, not back and forth in rows.

I seem to be doing the same pattern and experiencing similar problems iseem toend up with my number of stitches growing is this correct?

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Welcome to KH!
The stitch count should only increase temporarily on round 1 when you add the double yarn overs. These yarn overs are dropped on round 2 and your stitch count goes back to the cast on stitch count.

I am having the same problem. Every row doubles. The yarn overs…when dropped are pulled up…??? This is the slip I am at row 11 and have over 200 stitches now. Deeply frustrated. It looks beautiful but I will run out of wool and will have over 400 stitches by the time I am done. I wrote the company but no one got back to me yet. I have googled this and can’t figure how my stitches are multiplying…but the yarn overs are the cause. HELP

Can you give us a pattern name? It would really help.
Is it the:
round 1 k1, 2 yo, k1
round 2 k1, let yo slide off the needle, sl1p wyib, pulling st up.
that’s causing the problem?

Are you dropping the yarn overs off the needle? They shouldn’t contribute to the stitch count, They’re just there to put extra yarn into the slip stitch.

It’s the exact pattern in the thread. I dropped them … but that leaves an extra stitch. Even when I look up the double yarn over in google it is called an “increase. It isn’t temporary line the other poster said… I don’t know what to do and am extremely frustrated for all the hours I have in this now and clearly I have to pull it out but I can’t redo it if I can’t figure out why I’m getting extra stitches every row. I have a brain injury so this makes it much harder.

I appreciate your reply very much but I still don’t know what to do.

Vycki Fleming B.A.

You’re right, a yo is an increase. On round 1 there is a double yarn over which increases 2 sts or 2 loops over the needle in each repeat. But, in round 2 the double yarn over is dropped off the needle. So after the second round there is no net increase. Try working the 2nd round by dropping the yarn overs.

I had. I finally figured out what was wrong. The pattern only says to drop the yarn overs after the K1. Nowhere does it say to drop them after the slip one. Unclear instructions make it very hard for someone like me.

Thank you for trying. :). I’ve pulled it all out back to the ribbing, which was a bit depressing. Putting it back onto the needles truly frustrating. I’m sure some of the stitches got twisted. Sigh. As long as it turns out in the end I will be relieved.

I really appreciate your time. Pretty much the most valuable thing most people have. :slight_smile: wishing you well. Happy knitting!!

Vycki Fleming B.A.

Oh, good for you for figuring that out!
I rip out (sigh) by ripping to about the row before needed and then insert the left needle as I pull out that last row. Somewhat like tinking but the sts aren’t on the right hand needle.

It may also help with a pattern like this, to insert a lifeline:

Enjoy finishing this lovely pattern!

The things you know!!! I had gone searching in desperation. Never thought I would actually get answers!! Bless you kind person for all the tips.

The one you just sent I had never seen. :slight_smile: I miss my Nana, who taught me to knit when I was 6-9. I have more patience now that I’m older and learned I need items that finish quickly for satisfaction so I moved to larger needles.

My fiancé’s sister is pregnant so I want to make some thing for her nee daughter. Very few baby patterns in chunky wool though. Lol.

Wishing you a wonderful day. Thanks for sticking with me and providing tips. :slight_smile:


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