Knitting question


The pattern I am using calls for me to put stitches on “waste yarn”…anyone know what that means?

You don’t actually have to use waste yarn…anything will do that you can transfer those stitches to for the time being. What the pattern is telling you is these stitches won’t be used right now, but you’ll be coming back to them at some point. You can put these stitches on a stitch holder or anything else that can hold them while you complete the next part of the pattern.

‘Waste yarn’ is just leftover yarn, or any yarn that’s different than what you’re knitting the item with. It’s used as a stitch holder, which you can also use but that may not be as flexible. I use a spare circular needle, the size doesn’t matter as long as it’s the same or smaller than the one you’re using.

Thanks…why didn’t they just say put aside or put on holder…I am easily confused…:knitting

Well, knitting patterns have ‘key words’ that after you’ve done a couple, you’ll know what they mean. If you’re going to put sts on another piece of yarn, then read the next directions, you can probably see that you won’t be working on those sts for a while. It’s a good idea to read the whole pattern through once instead of each step as you get to it, because generally things that may confuse you what to do at one point are made clear later on.

reading the pattern completely helps a lot.
But don’t just read it. Try to visualize the piece as you do. Then it will become more clear, why you decrease, increase, bind off or anything.

In my eyes there is no waste yarn - any yarn should be put to use and not be wasted.