Knitting question

Hi I am new and I am having a time with a [COLOR=“Black”]sweater[/COLOR] I am making for my five years daughter. I have the body sewn together and am now ready for the front bands and the collar. It sounds like it wants you to knit it all in one piece instead of each one by itself. I have made many sweaters for grandchildren and have never ran into this before. It talks about casting on 78 then increase 1 at corner then 58 for neck then increase 1 at the other corner and 78 for the other side. Is this done all at once or am I missing something. Any help would be really appreciated.

Your link doesn’t appear to go anywhere, at least not to a pattern. It sounds like you’re to [I]pick up[/I] sts along the front and neck edges, not cast them on. There’s a video for picking up stitches on the Tips page.