Knitting question

Could anyone tell me how to knit …yf…yarn forward in a pattern I would be gratful, thanks Jim

I believe that a yarn forward is just another way of saying/doing a yarn over. :slight_smile: HTH

Yes, it’s also known as a YO (yarn over). It creates an eyelet and is an increase.

To do it when you’re using the knit stitch you bring the yarn forward between the needles as if you were going to purl, but you knit the next stitch.

To do it when you’re purling you bring the yarn between the needles and then wrap it over the right needle again and then purl.

We have a video of it here for both at the bottom of the page.

Could anyone tell me how to knit …yf…yarn forward in a pattern

It is important to realize you do not [B]knit[/B] a yf or yo. It is not any part of a knit stitch, but something you do[B] between [/B]knit stitches that adds a stitch. Jan described it well.

Thanks so much to everyone that replied to my question, thanks again,wornderful to know there a resource out there to answer questions. I haven’t been knitting for about 15 years. I just took it up again and this term confused me between yf and yo. Jim