Knitting/purling the first stitch in the row

I am having trouble with knitting the first stitch… It has like 2 legs and I am wondering if I should knit the 2 ‘legs’ together or separate/ Also I can’t figure out how to purl the first stitch…

Can someone pls help me poor beginner? :shrug:


it sounds like you are holding your yarn wrong. look at this thread for help with how to take care of that problem! :wink:

Hmmm, your first stitch shouldn’t have two legs, I’m wondering if you have inadvertantly made an extra loop by passing the working yarn up and over the left needle? :thinking:

Have you taken a look at the videos on this site, demonstrating the knit and purl stitches? They are here: (knit) and here: (purl)

Also, there is another video, a ‘Demo of Small project’ found here: that shows a small project from cast on to bind off and everything in between. You might find it helpful for getting started.

Ahh, I can’t watch the videos here at home … we have slow dialup… :!!!:

But thanks for the links anyway.

reeeeeeeead the thread…i would be almost willing to bet money that you are pulling your yarn up over the needle instead of down under to knit that first stitch of the row.