Knitting/purling 3 times in one stitch?

I am trying to make the messenger bag from Kris Percival’s Speed Knitting book. The pattern makes really neat bumps in the bag. To do this, you are supposed to k1, p1, k1 [I]all in one stitch[/I] (creating 3 stitches where there was one) and then purl the next 3 stitches together. When I did what I thought the pattern was asking, I did not end up with 3 “new” stitches, I got a chain. So then once I purled the 3 stitches together, I started decreasing stitches on my needle. (does this make sense? I am a new knitter and sometimes unclear in my explanations!) So my question is: how do I do this to get the new stitches so that I always have the right amount on my needles?

TIA to anyone who can help me!

What you’re making are bobbles. Make sure you are not sliding the stitch off the needle. Here is a few You Tube videos of how it’s made. Follow your own instructions of course, but this gives you how to do it.

Thank you thank you thank you! That is exactly what I was looking for. Silly me, I was pulling the stitch off the needle too soon. :slight_smile:

You rock!


I don’t think this is a bobble. Someone else posted a stitch pattern the other day and it’s the bramble stitch. You do the k, YO, k all in one stitch, but don’t turn and knit the next 3 sts together.