Knitting Pure and Simple

A google search will lead you to Knitting Pure and Simple. I love the patterns. They are easy to follow. There is enough of a variety that you should be able to find a pattern you want. Remember to always do a swatch before you start knitting to make sure that you have the correct number of stitches per inch. If your gauge is off, you can adjust your knitting by using a different size needle. That is the only way I know to make sure your sweater comes out the right size. With a little experience, you can learn to adapt the pattern to different yarn sizes using the swatch gauge.

Yep, my first sweater was from there. :wink:

I just ordered my FIRST Knitting Pure & Simple patterns last week, I go them on e-bay (new) for slightly less than my LYS. I saved about .50 per pattern plus sales tax. They should be in my mailbox when I get home :cheering:

I’m working on my very first sweater now from knitting pure and simple. It has been very easy…I was very intimidated to make a sweater. My only problem has been that my stitches have been dropping off the ends of my double pointed needles while I’m working on the sleeves. I have to keep frogging… :wall: