Knitting puckers when I change colors

I just tried changing colors for the first time, and as the photos show, I ended up with a lot of puckering. I know it’s because the pieces in the back were too tight (front and back photos attached) but I’m baffled about how to fix this. Can anyone direct me to some simple, clear videos or explanations? If I cut the yarn and weave it in each time I change color, I’ll end up with an afghan constructed of literally thousands of woven ends; wouldn’t that eventually just fall apart?

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Hi - I’m def no expert but I find if yu twist each stitch it helps…not as yu are doing it with a loop bewteen colour changes. Trish

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I think you’re carrying across too many stitches which means a long loop on the back which is probably having an effect on the tension overall and causing the puckering.
If you look for videos on:
Catching the stitch in stranded knitting
Weaving in as you knit, or weaving in as you go

I think you will find lots of videos.
There are a few different methods depending on how you hold your needles and working yarn and second yarn and what method you find easiest to manipulate the needles and yarn. You might watch one and think oh no that doesn’t work for me, whilst another you might think oh its as easy as that.

I agree you don’t want to be cutting your yarn each time.


Thanks - I was trying to twist each stitch, but suspected I was not doing it right. I’ll have to go back and see if I can figure out how to make it work.

That’s really helpful, because I didn’t know the terms for what I was trying to do - it’s hard to look something up when you don’t know what it’s called! I’ll try your two suggestions. Thanks for giving me a starting point!

You’re welcome.
Hope you find a video or two that helps.

Let us know how you get on or if you need more help.

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