Knitting project looks nothing like the

I found a pattern for a scarf that is just beautiful, so I purchased the exact size needles and the exact yarn suggested but it looks nothing like the picture…why?
Its called the Faggot stitch K1, YO, K2TOG, how hard can that be? Could it be a differance in the tension and if so how do I master this tension thing?
thanks so much

the faggot stitch looks like sewn faggoting…

(the | are the K’s (k1 or K2tog)
the / and \ are the Yarn overs…

1–if you don’t do the yarn over right, you’ll knit it ‘closed’ Instad of OPEN. (don’t ask me to explain this in detail since i knit combo and do mine ‘wrong’ --(compared to knitters who work in European styles (english or continental)

2-- this open stitch tend to look like (may i quote a friend?) boiled ***. (not attractive!) till it is blocked.
stretch it with your fingers–does it look better stretched?
well then it will look better blocked.

and yes tension is part of it… faggoting is a lace stitch, and needs a loose tension (but will still look like boiled *** until blocked!)

ok thats interesting thanks…maybe its my YO that is wrong because it does not have that openish pattern look and yes it does look better stretched out, and maybe the tension is too tight(which I have a problem with) I think I may start over and try not knitting it too tight. thanks so much

This is a type of lace stitch and they always look better either opened up or knit loosely - as on a larger needle. So go up a couple needle sizes and don’t twist the YO when you work it on the next row. You wrap the yarn around the needle the same way you do a knit stitch, as long as you’re wrapping the knit stitch the right way so it’s not twisted. Go to the increases page and look at the YO video to see how to do it.