Knitting project legality

I am planning on soon making two scarves w/ logos on them. One will have a college logo (Auburn University) and the other will have the Supergirl logo on it.

I am not selling either of them. The Auburn one is for my teacher, and the Supergirl one is for me ( :happydance: )

Is this OK?

If you are not selling them it is okay.

You will share the pictures though, right? :wink:

of course, trusting that my camera will decide to work :teehee:

I’d love to see how you do the supergirl pattern–are you writing it yourself? My dh is a superman collector and my dd is beginning to love superman and supergirl. I bet she’d love a SG scarf! Good luck w/ your projets–I’m sure your teacher will love the Auburn one!

Yes, I am writing this pattern myself. Its really pretty simple though. Its going to be a pink and black double knitting project with the Supergirl logo on both ends. It is based on SabrinaJL’s famous ( :teehee: ) skull scarf and I’ll make it once i’m more familiar with double knitting.

I dunno if u’ll still need a pattern after that, but if u still want it i’ll be sure to write it up for you once i dive into the project!