Knitting progress

I just realized tonight that I really am making progress on my knitting journey. Yes I can see that some people here are miles past me but I am relishing in my progress. After apx 13 months in this journey I can find patterns now, scan through them and realize I understand most everything and feel that if I desire I can proceed on. I also realize if something is somewhat unclear, wait till I get there and see if it makes more sense. But I also know that if I have a problem I can come here for some help. Obviously there are more techniques to master but I now feel I can knit a scarf, a shawl, a hat, a sweater, socks ( which I really love), and a throw. Done them all. Goals: color work. Thankfully with the yarns available today a project can still be eye catching color wise with basic knowledge. Thanks to all the wonderful people here!


I have also made staggering progress in the last 13 months. I have used some colours (in an easy way) but not achieved socks or hats, but I feel very much like you I that my ability and understanding has really progressed. It’s lovely isn’t it?
And also like you I know I can ask here and it gives me more confidence to try new things.
I learn so much here.

Well done knittinGigi!

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Knitting is a constant process of learning something new and that’s part of the fun of it. It’s definitely good to look back and appreciate how far you’ve come and how much you’ve learned. Stretching your repertoire is an excellent way to learn and it sounds like that’s just what you’re doing. Enjoy every minute (well not the ripping out but all the other times).


My goal this year is also colourwork. Because I usually knit sweaters in one colour I always end up with more than I need. I’ve knitted stripes and I’ve knitted the body and sleeves of a sweater in one colour up to the armholes and above the armholes in another colour but not ‘true’ colourwork so that’s also my goal for this year :blush:


Jo, Creations and Knittinggigi;
You have all expressed what I feel as well. Learning as we go, adding onto the foundation of knowledge each project we attempt, whether it pans out or not, is a wonderful opportunity for learning and growing. It’s very interesting, also, that I am not only learning more and more about knitting; I am learning how to apply the skills I am developing by knitting to other parts of my life. As I sit and untangle a ball of yarn, I realize how much patience I have developed since starting to knit. I also find I can accept imperfection more easily than I used to, which allows me to enjoy my knitting even more. And last, but not least, this forum and Salmonmac has been my safe place for asking questions and getting help and answers with a huge dose of patience and generosity.


Well said.