Knitting Progress Tracking Bars & new Blogger

Hello everyone,

While I switched over to the new Blogger a while ago, I only recently switched the template over, and now my knitting progress tracking bars don’t work. Does anyone know of ones that do work with the new Blogger?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t know. :shrug:

But hi!!! :waving:

Is this what you are looking for?

If so you can find it here

I have recently switched to Blogger Beta, too and I’m afraid that I don’t know diddly about doing anything the template with the widgets and whatnot…but, you can have a look at Knit 1, Blog Too where I see that this issue is being discussed.

Hi gals!

Thanks for the help…the first link says they’re not working at the moment, so I’ll check back later…

It appears to be working now.

For the new Blogger template, you need to “add a page element” where you want it to appear (the side or bottom. The type of element you want to use is the “HTML/JavaScript” element. Paste whatever code you want to use in the popup box, click save changes, and you should be done.

Yes, I knew how to add an element…the javascripts I used previously on old Blogger didn’t work though.

I added the bars from yarn tomato just now - thanks for the link!

You are welcome :hug: