Knitting problems

Hi, I have just joined the site and hope someone can help me with the following pattern, as I am having trouble doing what it seems to be asking:

Cast on 5 sts …thats fine! done
1st row: K1, p1, YBK, s1p, p1, m1F, K1 = 6 sts…now I have looked up YBK and it appears to be a simple enough manouvre of taking my wool from the front (of the purl stitch) to the back so that when you do the next stitch you end up with 2 stitches…But it all goes to pot because I have to slip the stitch (purlwise) and then try to do a purl,…they end up on top of each other and i end up with one stitch to many…aarrghhhh1 help what am I doing wrong …are there other meanings to YBK?? thanks


What pattern are you working? Can you give us a link or a pattern name/?

It may be that the pattern has neglected to tell you when to bring the yarn forward again but I’d say
1st row: K1, p1, YBK, s1p, YFWD, p1, m1F, K1 = 6 sts

Don’t bring the yarn to the front or back over the needle. Bring it to the back or to the front between the needles. These are likely not increases. The only increase appears to be the m1F.