Knitting problems....! Please help

Hi, I think I want to cry. :crying: Knitting is not easy (for me). I keep posting about my errors and nothing else! I am knitting a fitted tank and I am at the shape armhole part. The directions were written as follows:

(First, I want to say I am supposed to start this part of the pattern with 74 stitches which I did.)

[i][b]Bind off 3 sts at beg of next 2 rows. Then, dec 1 st each end every other row 8 times, ending with RS row complete.

Under Pattern Notes it reads: (I hadn’t noticed this!)
Work decreases as follows:
For left slant at beginning knit row: Sl1, k1, pass sl st over K st.

For right slant at end of k row: K2tog
*Work decreases one stitch in from edge, leaving one selvedge stitch. This will make it easier to pick up stitches for finishing. [/b][/i]

Now, this is what I did:

I did the bind off. But, when I started the decreases I did SSK at the beginning of the row and K2tog at the end of the row – for every other row. (Is this where I went wrong??)
I have done this two times now so I should have 70 stitches but NOT ME…I have 72 stitches.

And, to top it all off I have a hole about three rows down.

What do I do??? (Banging head against the computer!) :oops:

I’m assuming that you had 74 stitches after the bind off?

I can’t say where you went wrong without seeing your knitting, but did you decrease at each end of the row? Sounds like you did. :thinking:

So for the next 8 right side rows, you should lose 2 stitches per row.

You could take out the rows down to your last decrease, I suppose, and start over from there.

Yes, I had 74 after the bind off. And the decreasing is one stitch each side every other row. But, did I do the right kind of decrease? Is SSK the same as what the pattern notes said for me to do? I’m not sure what her notes mean! I’m so confused right now.

The slip one, knit one, pass slipped stitch over is not the same as a ssk.

This is what you do for that one.

A ssk is a left leaning decrease, though, too.

Ok, well that’s a definite mistake I made. :doh:
I am going to go back to 74 and go from there. I’ll post again after I have done that.

Thanks for all of your help Ingrid. If I ever finish this project, I’ll take a picture of it and post it. (I don’t have a digital camera!)

Good luck with it!

Thanks. You are great!

Hello All,

I did some ripping last night and corrected my decrease error (from ssk to skp). I was not reading the pattern correctly either. I have to decrease every other row 8 times (16 rows) to get the resulting stitches I need. However, I do have another question. I had to join a new ball of yarn sooner that the pattern called for. Should I worry?

Don’t worry. A pattern only tells you to add a new ball when it’s needed for the pattern–as when you work two shoulders at once.

A pattern will never tell you to add a new ball of yarn just because you run out of the old one. That’s an automatic thing.

Thanks…I thought my gauge was off… :happydance:

Guess what?! I just met Debbie Bliss. She was at my LYS for a book signing and I purchased the Baby Beginner Knits book and she signed it for me!!! :smiley: I am getting married in September and will start a baby sweater soon to put in a hope chest for my baby. I’m so excited. She was very nice and down to earth. Knitters are so nice! :heart:

How cool is that!