Knitting problem

I tried to unravel an afghan panel I had knitted as it was longer than the other two panels. However, by mistake, I unravelled the wrong end. Is there any way I can fix this?

Depends on what you unraveled. If you unraveled a garter stitch panel you can reknit it. If it’s a stitch pattern that may be more difficult. Can you tell us a bit more about what afghan it is, the stitch, etc?

Jan, thank you for your reply. The pattern is “Rippling Waves”.
The pattern row is:
K1 K2tog K6, YO K YO, K6 K2tog K2tog K6, YO K1 YO, K6 K2tog K1
Do you think I will need to go to the other end and unravel and start again? Many thanks for your interest in helping me.

If you can get a row of stitches onto the needle you can just bind off the end you unravelled and unravel the cast-off edge pretty easily and reknit to the length you want.

Unraveling the cast-on edge is pretty difficult–lots of snipping and pulling. If it came out pretty easily, you may have actually unraveled the cast-off edge.

You are right about the snipping and pulling. It is a big job, but I’ll keep trying. If it doesn’t work, I’ll have to unravel the other end and start over. Many thanks for your input. I appreciate it.