Knitting problem

I have a pattern problem in a Paton’s book 477 (Beehive Tiny Toppers).
Page 18 : 5th row. Petty in Pink.
When I do the 5th row it works out fine for that row .Then I purl the next row I go back to the 5th row , I do the pattern but do not have enough stitches to finish as pattern the way the pattern says.

I know it is something small but cannot get the stirches to finish the row.
Do I need to finish 10 rows to complete the pattern?
When I come back to the 5th row the pattern is out of line.

Can you help me?


Paton’s and Baldwins Canada 1986 ;distributed in USA by Susan Bates Inc. Chester , Connecticut 06412

Unbelievably, I actually have this pattern book and made that sweater for a niece of mine about 15 years ago!
You must be losing stitches during row 5 and not noticing in row 6 because row 6 is just purling.
So the 10-row pattern repeat is knit for rows, pattern (rows 5 and 6 three times) for six rows. Yes, 10 rows is one pattern repeat.
What size are you making?
I hate these kinds of instructions that are written with the different instructions for different sizes all in a row in parentheses!
My guess is that you are accidentally doing the wrong instructions for your intended size somewhere in row 5.
I see now looking at the pattern that I went through the whole thing with a highlighter to make myself read ONLY the size I was making all those years ago.
Try that and see if it works out better.
When you go to repeat row 5, you should indeed have the required number of stitches. They don’t resolve themselves by row 10. You are just knitting row 5, purl a row, row 5, purl a row, row 5, purl a row. There isn’t anyplace to gain stitches back.
Highlight your size and try it again. It’s worth it; it’s a very cute sweater.

Thank you for your quiok resonse.
I have not tried your sugestion yet I do have it marked with a pencil but will recheck it. The sweater is for my granddaughter Katryna.