Knitting podcasts?

I was searching itunes and wondered what knitting podcasts y’all like to listed to. Or other podcasts that interest you too. Also are there any of you who’ve purchased the knitting audio books? or anything else to put on my ipod that’s knitting related?

Cast On, Stash and Burn, Lime and Violet and Sticks and String are all pretty popular podcasts. I downloaded every episode of all of them when I got my Ipod. However, I’ve discovered that as much as I like to read about knitting and talk to people about knitting, listening to other people talk about knitting just isn’t my thing.

I like the Knit Picks Podcast, Diva Knitting, and Stitch It!. Two of those podcasts are by people on KH! Diva Knitting is by the moderator, Kemp and Stitch It! is by ItsJustMeghan. Enjoy!

thanks I’ll give a listen to Kemps, hadn’t tried that one yet- but I’m starting to think it’s not as much fun to listedn to others talk about it as it is to join in the conversation…any good audiobooks out there?

Yep, audiobooks while knitting are more my thing. I’ve got Friday Knight Knitting Club and The Knitting Circle on hold at the library right now. I’ve been getting lots of books on cd and transferring them to my IPod so I can listen to them later. Those are the only knitting related ones though.

that’s a super idea! thank you:happydance: