Knitting Podcasts

Hey everyone!

I have FINALLY figured out how podcasts work and I am able to listen on my job.

I typed in knitting and there are TONS of knitting podcasts, I am a bit overwhelmed.

Do you all have any recommendations? And maybe put a little about why you recommend the podcast?

I like podcasts that are relaxing. My favorites are Knitpicks and Knitcast.

Cast on is another one. Lime and Violet is popular too, but that’s more upbeat than relaxing. Depends on your mood.

But I think those are the most popular ones.

I to recently found out about podcasting and started listening to I started from the very beginning and I love it she is witty very informative and the music is awsome.

There’s a thread here already that lists some good ones.

AWESOME…thanks everyone, I can’t wait to try some at work tomorrow!!!