Knitting Personality Test

I thought this was inspiring…sometimes we ALL need some uplifting and encouragement! :muah:

I am a Logical Knitter. No surprise there. :teehee:

Me too.

me too, I wonder what other categories there were.

Another logical knitter here too!

Yeah, I can’t believe we are all identical, but I qualified as a “logical knitter” too. I didn’t like the questions and there certainly weren’t enough of them to really get much of a picture. LOL

I tested by answering the questions in a different way and there are at least two more choices… artistic knitter and contented knitter.

I’m ‘The Contented Knitter’ I need to branch out a little :teehee:

Artistic :knitting:

Logical. Hmmmmmmm at least one part of my life is logical then!

I’m contented. Figures, 'cause I’m always playing it safe.

I am a logical knitter. Makes sense since I take forever to make any kind of decision on anything.

Also sent this to my local knitting group. Will be interesting to see what they all are.

I am a LOGICAL KNITTER…but I knew that! :wink:

Thanks! That was fun!!

Yeah, like that was a big surprise. :teehee:

Another Logical Knitter. :muah:

I’m a contented knitter. I do stick to the patterns, although I do like to try new ones.

I came up as a logical knitter, as well.

However, I went back to see what the other options were, as the questions were clearly biased in some fashion–another answer was “artistic knitter.” (Choose all first answers if you want to read more).

If you choose all the 3rd anwers, you’re a “contented knitter.”

I didn’t try to see if there were any other combinations. Usually with something that short and only three choices of answer, there are only three results. :slight_smile:

Oops. I see this was already covered between when I started my reply and when I was able to get back to my computer after an extended interruption!

I am a Contented Knitter, although I don’t even want to knit today.

Artistic, too (but artistic, me?)

Logical for me too. Gosh, I hate being so predictable, but at least I’ve got plenty of company.