Knitting PenPals

As I was talking with other people on a city bus this afternoon about my interests with knitting, I thought how male knitters (like me) must be in the minority gender of all knitters. Any of you out there who enjoy writing snail mail penpal letters (not e-mail letters)? I am interested to see if there’s other male knitters who write snail mail pen pal letters and would be interested in writing to other male knitters. :knitting:

My interests/hobbies: Art (in all its forms), culture, science, creativity, history, knitting, world events, organic/whole foods, open mindedness, outdoors, camping, cooking/baking, some sports, reading, writing, most music, movies, spirituality, and volunteering

About me: I’m Scott, 40, and from southeast Tennessee. Thank you for reading this :). I am very open minded (diversity is a very beautiful word) and appreciate having an adventuring, exploring, and discovering nature about me. The “whys” in our world and beyond intrigue me because of our world and the universe in which we live. I believe we all came into this world to learn from each other and how to make our society a better place than it is now. In my view, education continues all throughout life and does not stop after a certain time in life (such as graduating from high school, college, or with anything else). I have more of a European than “American” (that being the United States) view on life, although I was born and have lived my entire life in the USA. Although I am quite shy at first, I open up and am very friendly towards others. People have referred to me as a “blossoming flower.” As the flower opens up and comes to full bloom, the flower’s incredible view is shown to others. In the same way, I am like that “flower” :).

Requests in my ideal penpal(s) to write:
Primarily, I wish to write with individuals, who have a more liberal viewpoint, realize that not all people in the United States represent the views of George Bush (I do not), and value (not merely talk about) the qualities I mentioned in my request. I prefer the “old fashioned” way of writing (snail mailing) pen pals as opposed to the modern way (e-mail), because snail mailing is more personal, fun, and relaxing for me. If you choose to handwrite your letters or do them on a computer, go for it. No form letters or the “10 Things We Did This Year” type of letters please.

If you have children (I do not), please know I look forward to getting to know your family and how they are doing. However, please know I want to pen pal with you more than just about your family. For your information, I do not collect pen pals. I feel that is a bad policy to live by in that people feel they are just a number and not valued.

Email me at if interested in writing me and tell me why you are interested in writing me (aside from knitting). Please write “KnittingHelp” in the subject line of your response. I will delete any emails requesting money, visas, lotteries, marriage proposals, or other 419 scams.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Knitting, Scott :knitting:

Welcome to the forum, Scott! We have lots of male knitters here, but I don’t know how they prefer to communicate. :wink:

Does it have to be male? :wink: I would love to have a penpal over the water. It’ll give me something to look forward to when the post arrives instead of the usual bills and junk mail.

I think knitting pen pals is a lovely idea! Unfortunately I’m not male either, but if anyone is interested in a female knitting pen pal, I’d love to partner up. :slight_smile:

Me too! I haven’t had a penpal since I was a kid, I miss letters.

I think Scott has started something!!

Wow, I remember penpals. I used to have several pen pals all through junior and senior high school. My BF from high school used to write me all the time when I was in college, but after she got married she quit. Then came the internet and I miss “real” mail. I’m not even sure if I could write a “real” letter anymore. We’ve become a society that writes in bits and snatches. We write about what happened today not what happened this week. We use acronyms totally unknown to us 20 years ago! (LOL, BTW, OMG, SEX (that’s Stash Enhancement eXpodition)) And it would require stamps. I only use 1 stamp a month and that is to pay my water bill (still antiquaited system!) I’d have to go to the post office for more than mailing packages! What a novel idea!

Me too! I want a knitting pen pal:teehee: I thought that when I first read it but felt stupid writing it:aww:

My right wrist hurts just thinking about writing!!!
I’d have to type my letters and print them out, and that seems to defeat the entire purpose. :wink:

Not really, that’s how my hubby and I got toether, he sent letters and they were typed (his hand writing is dreadful). Your just using something other than a pen.

I started a “Pen Pal Exchange” in the Knit Along forum. That seemed like the best place to put it. YOu can find it by going HERE

A little question. I’ve never mailed anything outside of the US before. Is there something speical that has to be done to a letter destined for another country?

They just weigh the envelope and calculate the postage to the counrty its going to.

Any idea what postage would be for a standard letter outside of the US? I have no clue! Is it less than a dollar? Three dollars? More?

You can go to to calculate postage…:thumbsup:

I would love a knitting pen pal I have one pen pal but she isnt a knitting pen pal like scott I am a male knitter so if anyone wants to write to me also feel free to message me.:muah: