Knitting patterns

What is the best kind of knitting or stitch to use for a blanket pattern? It has a monkey on it and I am using 3 colors total (1 background and 2 for the monkey) I keep getting weird stitches on the front, almost like they should be on the backside. I am new to knitting so any advice is greatly appreciated thank you!!

All kinds of stitches can be used for blankets, but if you want a picture and multiple colors then you’d be using intarsia on stockinette stitch where the knits are on one side and the purls on the other. If you get purls on the RS then you may be doing garter stitch which is knit or purl every row. Do you have a pattern?

Well I have a pattern but I have made it. I took a picture I wanted and traced it onto knitting graph paper and then counted and wrote out the amount of stitches in each row. Would it look better if I did the stockinette? I am doing the garter stitch now but its not coming out quite right.

Try it in stockinette, it would probably look better.

If you decide to do your blanket in stockinette stitch, remember that stockinette [I]always[/I] curls. To make it stop curling, you need to include a border–either knitted on as you work the body or added later.

Approximately six rows of garter stitch all the way around could be enough to prevent curling, but you may want to make sure by doing a test swatch.

Sounds like an interesting blanket. I hope it works out as planned.

Oh yep, I forgot to mention that part - do about 8 rows of garter to begin it, then 6-8 sts in garter at the sides for a border.

Another tip:

When you are following your pattern, don’t forget to knit the wrong-side rows from the opposite side of the pattern.

You could try just a small block of stockinette with the monkey pattern in the center of the blanket. Do the rest of the blanket surrounding it with either stockinette or seed stitch so it won’t curl. I especially like using the seed stitch on baby sweaters. It’s simple to do and looks like you put a lot of work into it. Very elegant looking stitch. You can practice it on some scrap yarn before you knit it with your good yarn.